On July 15, 2016 a cancer awareness programme was conducted by Dr. Reena Sharma Director and Physician from Kanak Durga Basti Vikas Kendra R. K. Puram in the H.C. Auxilium auditorium for the students.  She was welcomed by the school head girl Merlin Thomas. She enlightened the students about the various types of cancers. She informed them about the different types of cancers that can be diagnosed in young children, adults and old people. She also briefed them about the types of cancers common in men and women in India – lung cancer and breast cancer respectively and their causes, effects, symptoms and prevention.The major causes of cancer that are chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking alcohol, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, etc. 
She also helped them to know how to check the symptoms of breast cancer through breast self-exam, clinical breast exam and mammography. This was followed by an interactive session where the students asked their doubts relating to cancer. In the end, Dr. Reena Sharma advised to follow all the precautions and check for the symptoms time to time. The programme was concluded by the school vice head girl Deepi Garg thanking Dr. Reena Sharma for making them enlightened and aware of various types of cancers.

Christmas Celebrations

‘For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son’. Christmas is celebrated as the birth of baby Jesus and a reminder of how much we are loved. The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in the presence. Its for loving, caring, sharing and for giving. God made Christmas happen, friends made it beautiful and music made Christmas festive.      
On Friday, 18th December 2015, H C Auxilium, Vasant Vihar, Delhi started with the Pre-Christmas Celebrations. Various competitions had been organised for children on this auspicious day, with Crib Making, Board Decoration and Class Room decoration to start with. The students were excited and participated with fervor, enthusiasm and zeal in these competitions.
Honourable Judges Fr. Prasad George, Parish Priest of St. Dominics Church, Vasant Vihar, Vice-Principal, Sr. Karuna, Ms Runa, the art teacher came around the entire school to admire and judge the talents displayed by the students. They had a tough time to judge the best ones.
On Saturday, 19th December 2015, the main celebrations commenced with welcoming the Chief guest, Fr. Prasad George, a biblical scholar, renowned retreat preacher for students, parents and people of all waks of life and presently the Parish Priest of St. Dominics Church, Vasant Vihar, the Superior Sr Ruben, the Principal Sr Celine A, and all the Sisters with a bouquet of colourful flowers and a greeting card each.
Fr was then invited to place Baby Jesus in the Manger, symbolising the birth of Christ in our hearts and bless the gathering. Fr. Prasad said a prayer asking the Lord to bless each one presrent saying that He has a plan, a purpose, a goal for us and to reach that goal He has given us the Messiah Jesus to be with us to walk with us to suffer with us and to die for us and to accompany us to where the God is in heaven . Fr further prayed asking God, our father to bring the good news of the birth of jesus to each one of us, the good news of peace, joy and harmony & to bring the same good news to millions of people who are suffering due to wars, violence, terrorism, poverty, abandonment and to those who are forced to migrate to lands unknown to them. May this chistmas be a time of peace & security for each one of them because you love them.
Carol is a religious dance or song in praise and joy. The programme of the day further continued with the School choir presenting a beautiful and melodious carol, setting the stage for the Carol Singing Competition for both the Middle and the Senior School students. The honourable judges for both the Carols and the Skits Competitions were Mr. Rabindra Lawrence, the Organist and Choir Director of the Apostles, Methodist Church, R K Puram and next Mr. Asher Joseph, who is the receipient of ‘The Youngest Choir Director’ award at the age of 17, presently in a Band performing musical shows, and finally, Mr. Joshua Samuel, winner of Live Jam and has judged many competitons in IIT Delhi,IIFT Delhi and IIT Guwahati.
The Christmas Skit competition was about the true meaning of Christmas in todays scenario. The definition of Christmas has changed with time, today, love and care, the essence of Christmas has disappeared. What is important, the christmas tree , decorations, cake or togetherness? Share and experience the joy of giving with those who really value your gift and your feelings. The students of the four Houses performed the skits dipicting  the message in their own way.
Finally a Prayer Dance was presented by the students.
The Principal, Sr Celine A was invited to announce the much awaited results and The Superior, Sr Ruben was requested to give away the prizes to the winners of various competitons.

The results are as under:

Off-Stage Items:

1. Board Decoration (Junior)

Board Decoration (Senior)

1st  Position

Bosco House

1st  Position

Bosco House

2nd  Position

Savio House

2nd Position

Vicuna House

2. Crib Making

1st  Position

Savio House

2nd Position

Vicuna House

3rd Position

Mazzarello House

4th Position

Bosco House

3. Class Room Board Decoration (Juniors)

Class Room Board Decoration(Seniors)

1st  Position


1st  Position

X B    

2nd Position


2nd Position

IX D   

3rd Position


3rd Position


On- Stage Items:

1. Carol Singing (Juniors)

Carol Singing (Seniors)

1st  Position


1st  Position


2nd Position


2nd Position


3rd Position


3rd Position


2.Skit Presentation

1st Position

Vicuna House

2nd Position

Bosco House

3rd Position

Mazzarello House

4th Position

Savio House

The students of Std XII also presented a medley of carols and the Principal appreciated their enthusiasm.
The Over-All Trophy was bagged by Bosco House, amidst cheers, clapping and roars and of excitement the programme of the day came to a close. Though the celebrations will go on.


Trip To Worlds Of Wonder

The senior students of Std. XI and XII were taken for their school excursion to World of Wonders, Noida along with their teachers and Sisters, on 7th November 2015. They school around 8:30 and reached their destination around 10:00. On arrival, the students were received and served breakfast by the tour operators, thereafter; they headed to the premises of the amusement park. There were numerous rides such as feedback, download, mega disco etc. and they had a gala time there and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the company of their friends. There was also a dance area where the children swayed to the rhythm and beats of the music. Around 12:30 the children headed for lunch after which they again continued to enjoy in the amusement park till 4:00. They were served with evening snacks before their departure from the amusement park for school. It was a very memorable experience which would be cherished by the students in the years to come.

Trip To Tikkling

The pleasant morning of 31st October 2015 was buzzing with energy as the students of Std VI to X, full of excitement, gathered in the school playground. All were eagerly waiting to experience the event of the day unfold. The children were punctual, disciplined, and well turned-out and prepared for the event. After the morning assembly and the morning message by the principal, Sr. Celine A, they headed to Camp Tikkling, in the lap of nature, to indulge in adventure sports.
          A bus journey of an hour and the students were at the camp site, greeted by the hosts at the Adventure Camp. The children were divided into several groups and were briefed about the rules and regulations for each team member. Each team had a special name and followed their instructors. Shouting their special slogans, the children enjoyed the new and amusing concept and its hilarious outcomes. Going through various adventurous activities, such as, zorbing, river-crossing, artificial wall climbing, magical maze, mountain trekking and tractor rides to name a few.
The Camp location was beautiful, surrounded by the Aravali Ranges on three sides, provided enough opportunity to be in touch and explore nature by trekking and hiking. The children were delighted to see their all time favourite activities, i.e. eating and dancing, being the top priority. They were served with sumptuous meals and snacks. The teachers and Sisters, who accompanied them, also participated and enjoyed various activities and motivated the children.

Trip To Farmstead


















St. Don Bosco believed that ‘youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind, a matter of will, quality of imagination and vigor of emotions.’

As we celebrate the bicentenary of his birth, the H C Auxilium dedicates this fest to our father and founder, Don Bosco: Bosco Fest 2015. An Italian Roman Catholic priest of Latin Church, Don Bosco was born on August 16, 1815. He was an educator and writer of the 19th Century. He devoted his life in finding practical and creative means of responding to the chaotic lives of young people, the juvenile delinquents and worked towards the betterment and education of these disadvantaged youth.
Following his footsteps, HCA had taken the privellege to honour young budding talents, as we truly believe that every child is a genius and all he needs is a window of opportunity to come forward and shine like the stars. The stage was set for 27th & 28th August 2015  and the participants from 20 schools of the Delhi NCR region came forward to exhibit their talent and participate in the grand inter-school competition in the field of Dance drama, International folk dance, and Kaleidoscope which included card making, paper mosiac & graffiti art on the first day. On the second day, they participated to vie for the top positions in Mime, Western solo and band performances.

On this auspicious occasion ,the Chief Guest Rev. Fr. K A Joseph SDB, Rector of The Technical School at Najafgarh, addressed the gathering and Declared Bosco Fest 2015 Open. Rev Fr. Cyprian Credo op, the Parish Priest St. Dominic’s Church, was the Guest of Honour.
The programme commenced with the floral tribute to St Don Bosco by the honourable Chief Guest Fr K A Joseph, the guest of honour Fr. Cyprian, Superior Sr. Ruben, the Principal Sr Celine A, Vice-principal Sr. Karuna, the teacher and a student representative from the participating school teams. This was followed by Bicentennial Anthem presented by the School Choir, a video Don Bosco - the Fascinating Saint was shown to the audience. Therafter, a skit ‘Dream Of Don Bosco’ was performed by the students of HCA. As per the tradition, the host school presented an item each for the various competitions but did not compete with the guest schools.
We had a panel of esteemed judges from the realm of music and dance to judge the show and give their valuable suggestions to the competitors. The chief guest Fr. Cyprian gave away the prizes.
The Dance Drama Competition was judged by Mr Soubir Mitra, a professional jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and ballet dancer, Mr. Suvineet Jain and Mr. Ryan Kwan, choreographers and dance instructors in The Kingdom of Dreams. To judge International Folk Dance Competition Ms Aarushi Chauhan, the founder member and the president of the Dance Society of DCAC, Delhi University and a trainer in hip-hop and zumba, joined Mr Ryan Kwan and Mr Soubir Mitra.

The Judges for the Mime competition were RJ Puneet Arora, RJ Abhishek Chandilla and Manmeet whereas the Western Music Competition was judged by Mr Yaman Shastri, the lead guitarist of Aryans Band, Mr. Arpan Guhakhakurta, a film personality and founder member of Advaita Band and Mr. Arnab Bhattacharya, a film personality, a professional drummer and the founder of Rock Band Avni.
The first day witnessed the Dance Drama Competition and the results are:
First Position               St. Xaviers’ School,
Second Position          Presentation Convent School
Third Position             Loreto Convent School  

The International Folk Dance Competition,
First Position               G D Goenka School
Second Position          St. Mary’s School, Dwarka
Third Position             St. Francis De Sales

The off – stage competition included Card Making, Paper Mosiac and Graffiti Art.

Card Making Competition
First Position               St. Francis De Sales
Second Position          St. Mary’s School, Dwarka
Third Position             St. Georges School, Alaknanda.

Paper Mosiac Competition
First Position               St. Francis De Sales
Second Position          St. Mary’s School
Third Position             Poorna Prajna School.

Graffiti Art Competition
First Position               St. Anthony’s School
Second Position          St. Mary’s School, Dwarka and  
Third Position             St. Georges School, Alaknanda

The Second Day had Mime Competition and Western Solo and Band Competition.
Mime Competition
First Position               St. Xaviers’ School
Second Position          St. Anthony’s School
Third Position             St. Mary’s School, Dwarka

Western Solo Performance 
First Position               St. Georges School, Alaknanda,
Second Position          G D Goenka School
Third Position             D P S Vasant Kunj
Western Band Competition
First Position               St. Francis De Sales
Second Position          St. Xaviers’ School
Third Position             St. Anthony’s School

The Overall Rolling Trophy was bagged by St. Mary’s School, Dwarka

The Principal Sr. Celine A thanked and expressed deep gratitude to the Chief Guest Rev Fr. Cyprian Credo op, the Parish Priest St. Dominic’s Church for being there to witness and enjoy the grand programme. She also thanked the participants and extended an invitation for the next year’s function. She appreciated the whole hearted cooperation of the co-ordinators, teachers, the school Cabinet, volunteers and all the students in making this Bosco Fest 2015 a grand success.



Long ago, we made a tryst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, to make our country the best among all the nations. On the eve of the Independence Day Pt. Nehru had said, “we end today a period of ill-fortune and India discovers herself again.”

 As India gears up to celebrate her 69th Independence Day on 15th August 2015, she has a special place in every Indians’ heart as our country was freed from years of British Raj, inaugurating the world’s largest democracy.
The Independence Day was celebrated on 13th August 2015 at HC Auxilium School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi with great zeal and fervor. The Auditorium was suitably decorated and kindled the patriotic spirit in children. The august presence of Superior  Rev. Sr. Ruben, the Principal  Sr. Celine, Vice-Principal Sr. Karuna was a blessing for the young students of HCA.
The Programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by our dear Superior, the Principal, Vice –Principal, Ms Shirley and Ms Ranjini invoking God’s Blessing for our country and her citizens. A special Prayer service was offered by the students, wherein few lines from  the scriptures were read out along with the explanations. We offered prayers for our motherland which continues to suffer the slavery of poverty, injustice, corruption, religious intolerance and many other evils.
An interestng debate was organised where three participants, one for ,one against and one as the interjector,  from each House – Savio, Bosco, Mazzarello and Vicuna, presented their views for / against the topic for the debate being,‘All Promotion Policy is the Best Education Policy’. The Interjector put up interesting and thought – provoking questions. The honourable judges  Sr. Celine and Ms Anita Sharma appreciated the efforts of the contenders.
Next, was the Dance Competition, wherein the contestants had to present an enactment of a patriotic song. This programme gave ample opportunity to showcase the talent to the students. Each enactment was, one better than the other. The worthy judges for this programme were Ms Ranjini and Ms Reena Sharma.
The Principal, Sr. Celine reiterated the message of sincerity, honesty and integrity towards the nation. She further appreciated the contestants of the Debate and the Dance Competition. She declared the results of the events. Bosco House bagged the first position followed by Vicuna House and Mazzarello House getting the second and third positions, respectively for the Debate. The Dance Competition was won by Mazzarello House followed by Bosco House and Savio House in the second and third positions respectively.

Our dreams have to be bigger, our ambitions higher, our commitment deeper and our efforts greater.’-this should be our dream for India.
The programme culminated with the National Anthem.


D B Mela  14th Aug 2015

The day began with a Morning Assembly on Miracles of Don Bosco presented by the students of Std IX. They enacted the famous Miracles from the life of St. Don Bosco and sang the song ‘Showers of Blessings’.
14th August2015 was a day of fun and frolic as the children were geared up for the much awaited ‘D B Mela’ in the HCA School, Vasant Vihar , New Delhi. Our Principal invited the school Head-Girl and gave her the honour to declare the ‘DB Mela’ open.
An innovative venture by our Principal, Sr. Celine, to bring both the Vasant Vhar and R K Puram HCA together on one platform to celebrate, organize and conduct various programmes proved a Grand Success.
There was enthusiasm , excitement and joy all over. The children screaming with elation, exhilaration and gusto. The teachers both from Junior and Senior wing had put up a number of stalls which dished out yummy , delectable, mouth-smacking and  delicious foods: idlis, vadas, pastries, burgers, chowmein, pizza sandwhich, patties, mouth-watering chaat,  golgappas, tikkis and a lot more. There were stalls where children tried their luck and tested their skills and won many prizes. The stall selling lovely princess tiaras was a great run for. Ice- cream and cooldrinks was a relief from the hot weather. Mocktails were a welcome change. The craziest of all was the DJ : the girls danced  to their heart’s content to the various numbers played by the DJ-teachers.
The day was enjoyed thoroughly by sisters, teachers and students.
Indeed, The DB Mela was a grand success which made the Bicentenary of our founder St. Don Bosco a memorable one.



On July 25, 2015 Holy Child Auxilium, Vasant Vihar celebrated the “Recognition Day”. Students of Classes VI-XII were awarded for their general and academic excellence in the presence of their parents and teachers.
The progamme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest Sr. Lily Joseph, Superior of HC Auxilium, R K Puram, Sr. Ruben, the Superior, HCA Vasant Vihar, Sr. Celine, the Principal and a Parent representative.
The programme further continued with a dance performance by the students, which was followed by distribution of the sponsored Trophies and Certificates  to the students of Std XII and X , to encourage and appreciate their efforts for scoring the highest marks in different subjects. There were three categories of prize distribution, namely - awards for toppers of CBSE 2015 in each subject, general proficiency and best student awards.
The students of Std VI to IX and XI were also appreciated and encouraged for their general and academic excellence and awarded the certificates and trophies.

The Chief Guest of the day,  Sr. Lily Joseph, Superior of H.C. Auxilium, R.K. Puram appreciated all the students for their hard work and congratulated them. She concluded by quoting the Bible, “Sow generously and we shall reap generously. Sow seeds of love and compassion, and we shall harvest blessings for ourselves and all humanity”. She further urged the girls to become messengers of hope and joy.

The Principal, Sr Celine addressed the gathering and her special message was for the pupils who were stepping out into the world arena.
Believe in yourself . You will never know what you are capable of unless you try. Don’t be afraid of change. Your journey of life is just waiting  to unfold. Enjoy your journey wherever it takes you. All successful people are not happy, it does not mean that happy people are not successful . Choose happiness. Persue your passion. Live life honestly . Listen to both your head and your heart. Create opportunities and live them.  Have the courage to take action. Respect yourself and others. Give back. Be generous . Do somethihg for others - someone  less fortunate than  you. Live your story. Be an Auxilian where ever you are. When life gets tough, remember, take life one day at a time. Do not look back and see because, past is gone. Do not be troubled about the future because it is not in your hands, you can’t do anything with it. Live the present. Make it so beautiful that you will be worth remembering.’ She wished the girls all the best.

Sr. Celine appreciated and thanked the teachers and students for preparing the beautiful programme. She also thanked the teachers for sponsoring the trophies of the toppers.
The parents and guests appreciated and applauded the management and staff of HC Auxilium for the excellent results and imparting knowledge coupled with values.
The programme culminated with the School Anthem-

New Delhi in the heart of our motherland
There’s our dear Auxilium School…….



Violence against women, incidents of eve-teasing, molestation, stalking etc is on the rise. To put an end to this the girls have to take special training to defend themselves.
The Delhi Police Station, South District, Martial Arts Taekwondo Academy, Vasant Vihar, organized the Women’s Self Defense Training Camp in Holy Child Auxilium School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Students of classes from VIII – XII participated in this five days camp. The aim was to make them aware of their surroundings, to be  mentally alert, boost their confidence as well as to realize that patience, speed and power are the most important elements to protect.
During the camp, in the month of July 2015, the trainers taught ten basic moves for defending, such as protecting against weapons like guns, knives and acid attacks etc. The camp was very helpful for the students because it helped them to boost their confidence. The Ten best students were selected for inter - school competition and were awarded certificates in the presence of Division Officer, Mr. Sanjeev Choudhary, SHO Mr. Somnath Parthi, Principal Sr. Celine A and instructors Mr. Vikas and Ms Shweta. At the end Mr. Sanjeev Choudhary, the Division Officer, encouraged the students and thanked them for being co-operative.
The programme was a perfect example of an innovative amalgamation of education and practical day to day requirements.



It is a very popular proverb that "A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."
Investiture ceremony was held in the school auditorium on the 24th of April 2015. The programme commenced with a welcome speech, which was followed by the handing over of badges and flags to the cabinet. The cabinet took the pledge to fulfill their responsibilities and duties entrusted to them in the best way possible. This was followed by the House Captains, Prefects, Class Monitors, Vice Monitors, Club Presidents and Vice Presidents taking over their responsibilities. The programme ended with a motivational speech by the Principal, Sr. Lucy, highlighting the difference between a boss and a leader. The ceremony came to an end with the entire school singing the School anthem in unison and the Principal congratulating all the leaders.



Wednesday, 22ndApril 2015, the Eco Club members of HCA, Vasant Vihar celebrated the Earth Day.The programme began with a refreshing introduction that was followed by an interesting skit spreading awareness on the environmental issues and thus it was based on 'Mother Earth-showing our only home-is under pressure, without a sustainable environmental base. We will have little hope of attaining our objectives for reducing pollution, if we are not aware of concerns like conservation and global problems.

The exhilarating programme ended with the certificate distribution to the creative winners who participated in the WWF, I Nature.No materialistic gifts were gifted to the School, but lovely green saplings were given to Sr. Lucy on this auspicious occasion of Earth Day.



Pristina Ghagra (English), Vanshika Vashist (Science), Ritisha Sharma (English), of our School who have been awarded medals by Educational Assessment Australia of the University of New South Wales and Macmillan Publishers India Pvt. Ltd. for securing the highest grade across Delhi in the 2014 IAIS. We are proud of you dear students.


On Saturday, 20th December 2014, H.C.Auxilium, Vasant Vihar was conferred with the CLEANLINESS, HYGIENE AND SANITATION EDUCATION (CHASE) AWARD by the Confederation of Indian Universities. This presentation marked the auspicious occasion of the United Nations International Human Solidarity Day.

HCA was one of the few schools selected within the Delhi NCR region that stood out for its outstanding contribution for the overall cleanliness of the nation. The prestigious award that is affiliated to the United Nations (ECOSOC) and Clean up the Earth (CUTE) was handed over to Principal Sr. Lucy John at the India International Centre Auditorium. The Coordinators of the Eco Club of our school-Ms. Rajini Bhatt, Ms. D Shanti, Ms. Ajanta Bhowmick and Ms. Namita Asthana were also present for the ceremony. Citing our efforts towards saving the earth we were strongly recommended by the International Association of Educators for World Peace and we believe our contribution towards making the Earth a greener planet has been appreciated through this gesture.


HCA held a general Exhibition- THE AUXILEXPO on the 23rd November, 2014. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Collate Rashmi Kujur, the ex-student of our school. She is a metropolitan Magistrate who works for the development of women.She lighted the lamp to invoke God's blessings which was followed by the inauguration of the exhibition. This exhibition showcased the various exhibits of different subjects in the most innovative and creative form. All the students participated with great enthusiasm and their efforts were praised by all who were present.The most captivating of all the exhibits was the: Cancer Research, The Sarnath Pillar, The Amazing Cube and The Bombay Stock Exchange.


Children's day this time was celebrated in a very unique and different way. The students were taken to Chowkidhani, where they got to enjoy numerous joy rides like the Giant Wheel, camel ride, tractor ride etc. This was followed by a mouth watering lunch ,which was well organised in a traditional way. The most exciting aspect was the dance floor, where the students enjoyed themselves a lot.


In memory of Late Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, CBSE observed Vigilance Awareness Week in all its schools starting from October 29, 2014.

The students of HCA gathered together and took the National Unity Pledge with great enthusiasm. Anila Britta Sanjay of class XI-D gave a patriotic speech on National Unity and Integrity. On the same day, Our school also organized a slogan writing competition for classes VI to X to give its full contribution to the Vigilance Awareness Week.


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Independence Day and launched on 2nd October, 2014.

HCA also participated in this campaign with great energy and vigour. Students of class VI stayed back in school and cleaned the school premises as a part of the Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan. While the students from classes VII to XI went out and cleaned the area around the school with the view that a clean environment leads to a healthy lifestyle. The students made colourful banners promoting the event and gave their full contribution towards this campaign.


Teachers Daywas celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school auditorium. The teachers were warmly welcomed by the Head Girl's speech which was followed by the lighting of the lamp and a small felicitation ceremony. A short prayer service was organized by the students to invoke God's blessings on our dear teachers. Various classes came together to put forward 'LumeaVirtuella'- a skit which means 'Welcome to the Virtual World'. The play depicted that a world without teachers is absolutely baseless and something which cannot be thought of. The highlight of the day though was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's live speech from Madison Square Garden which was relayed for everyone present in the school auditorium.


A celebration of the diversity and vivacity of vibrant colours of our country presented by the enthusiastic students of Holy Child Auxilium, Vasant  Vihar, incorporating the school’s ‘ thrust of the year 2014-2015’ i.e. “Walk in the footsteps of Don Bosco in holiness on the path of love of God and Neighbour”.

Our Vision & Mission

Our motto “VIRTUE AND KNOWLEDGE” and our vision “Girls are an asset not a liability” have interminably kept pace with the myriad changes in the world.

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