H.C Auxilium school, Vasant Vihar provides an intellectual environment to the young girls to nurture their dreams, develop their talents and to realize their ambitions and goals. Three days, four Houses, 32 events this was "Viva Don Bosco cultural week" 2015 16, a golden opportunity for the students to showcase their talents. Some of the favourite items of the students were mime, international folk dance, western & Indian music, instrumentals dance drama, film making, fruit vegetable carving, bridal gown designing with waste materials etc.

The first day commenced with off stage events. The students participated enthusiastically in earthen pots decoration, canvas shoe painting, card making file designing board decoration, portrait of Don Bosco and film making. Equally interesting events were painting, 3-D sculpture and power point presentations on the theme "I Love Don Bosco".

The second day, Fr. Cyprian Creado op, the Parish Priest St. Dominic's Church graced the occasion as chief guest and unveiled the image of Don Bosco together with Sr. Lucy John, the principal of the school. The programme commenced with a prayer song by the school choir followed by the inaugural folk dance. The events of the day left the judges mesmerized and the audience awestruck.

The Chief Guest of the concluding day was Rev. Fr. Babu Varghese sdb, principal of DonBosco Alaknanda. The action packed three days' fest had some of the best performances and programmes. English drama based on the Forty dreams of Don Bosco, Contemporary dance drama on contemporary social issues and off stage events like vegetable and fruit carving, sandwich and mock tail preparation, card making and much acclaimed bridal gown designing from waste material brought out innumerable talents that our children are blessed with. It was an occasion for the children to know more about Don Bosco and love him as their father and friend. The Principal Sr. Lucy announced the much awaited results of the riveting performances, with Bosco House and Mazzarello House as winners of the On stage events and off stage events respectively. The overall trophy was bagged by the proud Mazzarello House.


The H.C Auxilium School Vasant Vihar has organized and conducted the "Annual Spiritual Renewal shepherded by Reverend Fr. Joseph Eluvathingal V.C and his dedicated team from the Divine Retreat Ashram, Faridabad.

The retreat was held from 8 am to 4 pm, for the spiritual renewal of the Christian Parents and Staff of both junior and senior schools. The gathering comprised of about 500 parents, ardent listeners to the Word of God. The main themes discussed were " Importance of seeking God's Kingdom", "Giving God the first place in our life" , "Family prayers" and above all "Love".

During the Holy Mass, Father accentuated on the obligation and need of "Mercy, Forgiveness and Reconciliation". Ebullient participation was witnessed as all experienced mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit, which was externally marked by healings and miracles, fully refreshed during the praise and worship the crowd was refilled with the grace and love of the Lord. The day of prayer was concluded with the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament through powerful prayers and songs. It was a spectacular and enlightening experience for each and every person present, being surrounded by God's Presence, taking home God's word, which would strengthen them and give them hope, to live a life of goodness and also guide and mentor the upcoming youth to take up the path of righteousness, to live a life with the grace of the glorious divine Love.

Mrs. Ancy George


The feast of St. Joseph, the worker, was celebrated to honour our multi task staff members of H.C. Auxilium Vasant Vihar. The day commenced with Holy Mass animated by the Teachers. During Mass the staff offered various tools used by them in their line of profession. After Mass, the school captain Diksha Katoch of the school addressed the gathering and expressed gratitude and thanks for all the help they render. On behalf of the members of the supporting staff Mr. Ramesh gave a moving speech, telling the students how much the students mean to them and how proud they are to be part of the Auxilian family. The workers were felicitated with bouquets and gifts as a token of our appreciation and gratitude.


Our Vision & Mission

Our motto “VIRTUE AND KNOWLEDGE” and our vision “Girls are an asset not a liability” have interminably kept pace with the myriad changes in the world.

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